Willing to Love is unusual among books about committed partnerships
because it is written by a group of seasoned psychotherapists and teachers
about their own lived experience as part of a couple.

Nourish and renew your sense of wonder and hope for the couple’s journey!  This unique book is a collection of love stories written by experienced therapists about their own committed relationship.

All the writers have been influenced by Psychosynthesis, an approach to psychological and spiritual development. With candor, warmth, and humor, each writer welcomes us into an intimate landscape where the creative work of building an enlivening and enduring relationship unfolds. Each story addresses the challenges the couple navigates along the way. Each one also describes the joys, sorrows and accomplishments both partners experience as their relationship deepens over time. In their vibrant interweaving of the difficulties and the sweetness of life partnership, these stories will inspire anyone who is part of a couple or wants to be. With commentary by noted Psychosynthesis authors Piero Ferrucci, Molly Brown and Thomas Yeomans.

Editors: Anne Yeomans, Diane Rossman, Janet Messer, and Judith Broadus

Praise for Willing to Love

This book is a big heartful of love. It is a collection of intimate travelogues of love’s learning journey, each couple on a different path, all using the wisdom of Psychosynthesis as a map and their soul’s knowing as a compass, and all with the same destination – a committed, authentic, expansive, renewable, truly mutual, and soul-suffused love.

– Rich and Antra Borofsky, Co-Directors of the Center for the Study of Relationship, Cambridge, MA

Most books by therapists are about their clients. This book is a collection of essays written by therapists about their own marriages. Using the perspective of Psychosynthesis, it includes the spiritual dimension of intimate relationships. Informative, stretching, and inspiring. We recommend it to all couples as a mirror of their own relationships and as a guide to their deepening.

– Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD Co-Founders of Imago Relationship Therapy and Co-Authors of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

Being invited into the lives of diverse couples, as they reflect on their journeys together, is a rare privilege. As their stories unfold, they offer the reader their deep learnings on love, commitment, conflict, loss and Self. We learn so much as we read, not through “taught” lessons, but through lived experience. Thank you for this gift.

– Dorothy Firman, EdD is the founder of the Synthesis Center, author of many books and editor of The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching

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